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Buying Flowers


I decided to book a lesson with Laura as I found myself wasting money on flowers that only lasted a few days and didn't look quite right once I got them home.  The session was fun and I learned so much.  Laura explained how to prolong the life of my flowers and gave me all the basic knowledge I need to display them well.  Laura went through the vases I already have and showed me how to make them work.  She also explained how to use botanicals to build some long lasting displays.  The time flew and I'm enjoying putting my new skills into practice... and saving money of course!

E. Burns, Barnes SW13

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Flower Empower has been the best find of the year for me.

Laura has turned my old ideas of the way I was buying and handling flowers into unusual, fresh designs which has transformed my home by passing on her floristry skills.

Thank you.

S. Plummer, Barnes SW13

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